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張錦鵬出生武術世家,自幼隨父習武,學習南拳。后拜趙堡和式太極拳的第11代傳人、中國武術名家紀昌秀師父為師,學習北派長拳、太極拳,十八般武藝等。先后在各項武術大賽獲得十九枚金牌, 十余枚银牌。被聘為多屆香港國際武術節名譽會長, 并取得跆拳道黑帶五段。 來美后,繼續在紐約和新澤西兩地從事武術教練工作,教授中華武術和跆拳道,把武術和武德在海外發揚光大。武術是中華民族的文化精髓,堅持習武能够強身健體、鍛煉意志,歡迎有志者加入我们的武術大家庭,全方位感受武術世界的奇妙!

Master Cheung Kam Pang is a decorated martial artist and coach from Hong Kong. He began his training at age 6, learning Southern Style Kung Fu from his father. After he became a black belt 5th Dan in Tae Kwon Do, he then studied under renowned Chinese martial artist Kei Cheong Sau who instructed him in Northern Style Kung fu, and the use of weapons such as the staff, sword, and spear. Participating in the Annual HK Martial Art International Championship, he has won gold medals for Tai Chi, Pek Gua, and knife form for four consecutive years. Master Cheung has been teaching at various schools for over 10 years; two of his students won gold medals during this year’s tournament. His achievements were acknowledged in the Chinese newspaper “World Journal”.

Master Cheung Kam Pang welcomes dedicated students to be a part of the fulfilling world of martial arts.

教授 :

兒童班  , 少年班 ,  成人班

KungFu, Tai Chi, Taekwondo
Straight Sword, Spear, Broadsword, Staff,
Self Defense, TaiChi Push Hands

(Kids and Adults classes)
(Weekday and Weekend classes)